When a girl wants to role play – what parts turn you on? What roles are you not comfortable with, or are simply off putting?

Al Batrosse
Okay at times I will admit that one night stands are role play because I can be just about any person I want to (ie: Daddy Warbucks rather than an web columnist).

In the world of role playing in reality, if the woman can sell the part she is playing I am all about it whether she is a sabra soldier or a bitchy stripper. The parts that turn me off about role playing are pretty much all about when you realize that you are with someone with a grudge after she has tied you up. Truly scary.

Dexter Wiley
School uniforms have always worked on me – especially when paired with boots up to the knee. Lingerie? Yes it’s sexy, but I personally dig it when she wears my hoodie with just a thong and wet lips –both mouth and twat. Guess I’m moving away from role playing here. I’ve been asked to fake rape before, this is far more common than you think – further many girls ask me to call them ‘slut’ or ‘bitch’. I’m fine with all of this, and at times in can be a huge turn on – but rather than just being the aggressor, I enjoy when she turns all feisty and starts grabbing my balls hard and digging her nails into my ass as she pulls me forward. Call me a pervert – but I really enjoy any sex that involves costumes, imagination and dirty talk. I’d rather jerk off to Who’s The Boss, than have sex silently with the lights off.

Joe Smith
I hate role playing. It makes me completely uncomfortable – why can’t we just have normal sex? Don’t ever ask me to call you a different name or be your teacher – but feel free to stick my balls on your face and give me a rim job.

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  1. Anonymous
    November 12, 2008

    I’ve had guys ask me to play the following roles:

    – daughter (UGH!)
    – cheerleading slut
    – slavic cleaning lady
    – Asian on a train

    The only really disturbing weird thing – that wasn’t really role playing – that happened was that I was asked if i wanted to shit in a garbage bag while standing over bed. I joked around a little – with a couple fake grunts…and then i never did that again and wondered why the fuck i ever did to begin with…even just to tease.

  2. Anonymous
    November 12, 2008

    Though I’ve offered to dress up, anything planned is unsexy to him. On Halloweens though, we’ve never made it to the party.

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    March 15, 2011

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