K, let me start by saying that I did the most elegant bicycle exit in four inch heels last night and I am so proud that I am leading my whole story with it. No one was at the bike racks to witness this—I’m shocked, really—so you, fair reader, will be my witness.

Moving on,  Rudsak. I was verging on late, so thank god the fashionable are always fashionably late and I made it in. I was competent enough to get myself into the tent and to my assigned seat. (Assigned seat? For me? Gosh, this gig rules.)

Here comes the highlight of my night: some of the Degrassi: TNG was at the show. And I was so close to them, it was truly such a good moment for me. 

The lights dim and boom, a little dubstep comes on to wake everyone up. Cue looks of distaste and glances that say “OWWW MY EARBUDS.” Suck it up, Toronto fashion elite, this is dubstep’s time to shine. HAVEN’T YOU HEARD?! 

So then, clothes start walking down the runway (there are models in these outfits, not robot clothes, because that is terrifying). If you were imagining plunging into a sea of puffy winter coats, then you’d want Rudsak to catch your fall. The sea would consist of furs and fluff, and who doesn’t love fur and fluff? Rudsak makes us excited about the prospect of purchasing our next winter coat, which is no easy feat around here. 

There were some excellent driving gloves for the boys, which were two toned and tan on the inside. What a lil sneaky pop of colour—that is, if you qualify tan as colour, which I do.

~ Meredith Gillies