We arrived early for Good Neighbours party, at ET Canada’s Festival House, so ordered a double vodka and watched Canada’s Next Top Model judge, Stacey Mackenzie, bust a move. She wasn’t the only one putting on a show, across the street at the Hazelton Hotel, guests were doing a little window dance; which had the entire Yorkville rooftop furiously trying to tweetpic the performance, or multiple bed dives and curtain peek-a-boo. Although there was a VIP section cordoned off for talent, we found Emily Hampshire, Jay Baruchel and Scott Speedman kicking it outside by the flashy porta-toilets. We were entirely invisible to Speedman but Hampshire, who we interviewed earlier that day, leaned in for a kiss-kiss, excitedly relayed the reaction to watching the premiere and cried out, “I need a drink!” At this point, it was becoming nearly impossible to access the bar, we were like desperate pigeons in Trafalgar square, only instead of crumbs from an old lady, we were in a parkade feeding frenzy for booze.