From photogs and stalkers to eager journalists and aggressive publicists, Yorkville is buzzing with the most electric energy. Ryan Gosling could be sipping on a latte in your neighbourhood Starbucks RIGHT NOW! George Clooney and Brad Pitt could be knocking back a few at your favourite pub. And, Madonna, the fiercest bitch on any block, could be walking out of her hotel this very moment in search of a hydrangea to hate on. So what happens if you find yourself in the presence of the Queen of Pop? Would you dare reach for a handshake with those filthy, chipped nails of yours? What blasphemy! Or, imagine the excitement upon receiving a BBM from your festival savvy bestie – she’s managed to put you AND your BF on guest list for the hottest TIFF party at The Hoxton. It’s tonight. YOU’VE got a great dress ready to go, but you just know HE’S going to look like a slob and, like, totally embarrass you in front of Maggie Gyllenhaal! But don’t you worry; your TIFF experience doesn’t have to be stressful or disastrous. Here are some of our most favourite and trusted TIFF accoutrements!

Keep your nails looking nice and neat with Essie Nail Polish, which you can find in most salons. It dries super fast and comes in a plethora of wonderful, unexpected colours. The latest collection was inspired by purses and features our new obsession – “Power Clutch” a deep, gray-green that goes with everything!

Alternately, if you’re looking to add a little pattern or sparkle to your nails in 3 easy and quick steps (no drying time!!!) – Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips are the way to go!

Nothing say’s celebrity more than beautiful, hydrated skin. Unfortunately, between the boozing, not sleeping and running around, our skin’s looking a little haggard. This is why we swear by MAC’S Strobe Cream, the best illuminating moisturizer on the market, which we like to mix with foundation for a picture perfect dewy glow.

Or, if you’re looking to freshen up your entire look, we’re all about Josie Maran’s Seductive Golds – Argan Oil Infused Color Collection that you can find at Sephora for $54.00. The kit features five mini beauty essentials – a gold illuminizer, Argan oil (rich in Vitamic E and essentially fatty acids that can be used on skin, hair and cuticles) Colour Stick in petal pink, which acts as the most beautiful and natural stain for lips and cheeks, R.E.M. Pen in Gligz Shadow and Black Liner (comes with a GREAT brush) as well as a soft pink lip gloss and mascara.

Statement necklaces are as hot as ever and we strongly suggest you get yourself a great one for the festival. Why? Because bling is fun. But also because there’s no better conversation starter than an interesting piece of jewellery. We absolutely love this Big Antler Pendant by Roadkill from Propoganda. It’s a bit of an investment piece at $195, but we think it’s totally worth it!

If you’re looking to play it a little safer, Aldo Accessories has some wonderful pieces right now at very affordable price points. We especially like the Seebaum Necklace, which serves up a little vintage, a little modern and a lot of pretty for under $20.

Moving right along, SHOES! SHOES! SHOES! We love ’em, especially when they’re actually comfortable enough that we don’t find ourselves weeping at home at 3am over our destroyed, blistered feet. We have been obsessed with Jeffrey Campell’s line of footwear for quite some time, and this season he’s done it again. The Pixie Zip Shoe in Black is uber comfortable despite the 4-inch platform and 1-inch hidden heel! Retail for $229 at Browns.

For a softer look, we’re going gaga over these Melissa and Vivienne Westwood Eco-Friendly Veggie Kicks ($165), which remind us of a supersized Barbie pump. You can find them at Balisi on Queen Street.

Looking good is only half the battle. If your +1 looks like a hot mess, you’ll spend the night plotting your passive aggressive payback and may miss the shiny celebrity in the corner. We are super impressed with the H&M men’s outerwear line for fall, and highly suggest that you go out and grab your man this snazzy detailed blazer with decorative buttons for only $79.99. All he has to do is throw it over his work clothes and he’ll look like an insta-rockstar.

If the jacket is too much for him, RW+CO is the place to go. They have an excellent selection of well tailored suit jackets at even more excellent price points!

~ Olga Barsky