by Becca Lemire
Who knows what they’re wearing yet for the Sex and The City 2 Movie premiere!? And make sure to have a date lined up after, so you can immediately live vicariously through our favorite four, and all the fun and fabulous adventures of theirs you will have just seen. Yes, fiction it may be, but Sex and the City is an attitude. Ok, so who can shop like that on a writers budget? I know, but I love seeing strong, sexy women doing whatever the heck their dolled up heart desires, and living life out loud, un-apologetically, and overly-stylistically. Here are some sexy summer activities to ponder over this summer, inspired by, what else, some of the best Sex and the City episodes from the recent past. Most importantly, have fun. They always do.

[Thanks to Wikipedia for episode descriptions]

“Three’s a Crowd”

The Episode: Carrie finds out that Big was married once, and that he had a threesome. Charlotte’s boyfriend wants to have a threesome. Miranda feels left out because she’s never been “threesome material”, so she responds to a classified ad to validate her sexual appeal. Samantha becomes involved with a married man, and his wife offers to have a threesome to keep the marriage together, which Samantha declines. 

The Activity: Ok, so not everyone simply must have a full on threesome before they die, but you really shouldn’t knock it till you try it. How about just a three way make out? If you’re attached, pick a sexy stranger. If you’re single, the world is your oyster. Too nervous? Wait ‘till Pride. You will learn more about your own sexuality, and certainly that of others. Down a cosmo before saying no to this one.

“Oh Come All Ye Faithful

The Episode: Carrie realizes her relationship with Mr. Big is one-sided and breaks up with him. Miranda dates a strict catholic. Samantha falls in love with a perfect man, but he doesn’t measure up to her requirements. Charlottegets psychic readings to see if she’ll ever marry. 

The Activity: Pull a Charlotte. Take a journey through the worm hole of the supernatural. Perfect thing to do before the bar or after a dinner party; you see them all over the city, those neon glowing signs in the window. Make it a girls outing or go alone, seeing one of Toronto’s many psychics will prove to be entertaining, and most likely insightful. Actually, make it a girls night out – alone with a psychic might get spooky heavy.

“They Shoot Single People, Don’t They?”

The Episode: Carrie gets a horrible photo taken for the cover of New York Magazine. Miranda fakes orgasms with her current boyfriend. Charlotte starts dating her handy-man. Samantha dates a club owner who calls them a “we” right away. 

The Activity: Ok, so you may not have a full-on handyman at your whim, but I bet you have the full-on hots for your parents gardener/that HAWT barback/cashier at the Kwik-e-mart/etc, don’t you? With this heat wave, I bet you are both all hot and bothered anyways, and you are way more attractive then you think, so as Nike says, just do it. Keep it casual and safe.


The Episode: Carrie tries to leave her mark at Big’s place by leaving some feminine items behind. Miranda finds out that one of her ovaries has stopped producing eggs. Charlotte dates a pastry chef who she thought was gay.Samantha tries to get revenge on Dominic, her ex. 

The Activity:  It is so important to be on top of your feminine health! So go to your gyno like Miranda and make sure everything’s running ok under the hood. Go regularly, and if you don’t like yours, find a new one that you do! Your ovaries will thank you, whether they are lazy or not. Prevention is key. Health is so important. (So – yes seeing the gyno is our new summer activity…ever had a hot male gyno? That’s a whole different experience.)

“The Sex Buddy”

The Episode: Carrie tries to make a relationship with her “fuck buddy.” Miranda dates a mean, condescending lawyer. Charlotte double-books dates with two guys on the same night. Samantha overhears the couple moaning next door, and decides to outdo them. 

The Activity: Can’t PDA just be so tacky sometimes? Instead of sitting and staring, throwing little bits of napkin or leaving, why not compete? Maybe they’ll notice, see how gross it looks and then stop, and then you can stop because you have accomplished your task. Either way, you’ll get your rocks off and do some cute bonding with that special someone in your life, all while having a laugh. Who knows, maybe you’ll even realize the exhibitionist aspect turns you on.

“Attack of the Five Foot Ten Woman”

The Episode: Carrie must confront her past with Big when she runs into Natasha, Big’s wife. Miranda hires Magda, an Eastern European maid with very traditional values. Charlotte deals with some of her body issues at a spa. Samantha gets banned from Helena Rubinstein when she gets physical with a masseur. 

The Activity: If you spend a lot of time thinking about how to best cover up your flaws at the beach, this one’s for you. This summer, teach yourself to love yourself, sister girlfriend! So many of my gorgeous friends hate the way they look and I’m sick of it, and so are Samantha, Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte. My boyfriend needed to look up cellulite in the dictionary the first time I complained about mine to him. Trust me. It’s probably not that bad. And even if it is, he probably won’t notice. Rock that bikini like you be Tyra in the 90’s and zip it.