From beginner bondage to a 5 Finger Vibe, seven sensuous gifts from Come As You Are.

1. Lelo Flickering Touch Massage Candle – $30
It looks like a decorative bedside candle you’d find at Restoration Hardware, but when you light the Lelo, it heats into warm oil you can ooze all over your partner. Unlike unwrapping, let’s say, a Happy Valley Big Boy Dildo, a massage candle is a smooth and elegant way to say, Undress me. Gill Lamon, co-owner of Come As You Are, describes massage products as the gateway to sex products, “They aren’t overtly sexual but can be a great way to be more intimate in your sex life.”
*The Lelo Flickering Touch Candle comes in three fragrances: Snow Pear and Cedarwood, Vanilla and Crème de Cacao and, my fave, Black Pepper and Pomegranate.

2. Pleasure Plus Condom – $20
This little guy has a vibrating thing-a-ma-jig that will stimulate the underside of his penis, and I’m sure, although I haven’t tried, do something wonderful for you. If you pass him the Pleasure Plus underneath the table while at your V-day dinner, he will probably get a boner right then and there. For jerks who keep complaining that condoms hinder sensation, shut them up with this safe-sex gizmo. BONUS! Keep the aluminum case for your earrings, condoms, mouth retainer or whatever small items need slick storage.
*Includes 12 Pleasure Plus Condoms.

3. Five Speed Finger Vibe – $26
If you are looking for something a little more daring, may I recommend the Five Speed Finger Vibe? Stick it on your pinky, put it on your thumb, rub your clitoris or stick it in his bum! The options are endless! “A lot of guys see vibrators as being an exclusively female domain, and the reality is that guys enjoy sensation as much as anyone else.” Now that Gill Lamon has cleared that up, I can’t wait to whip one of these out and buzz dick. Get naked and play, “Your turn! My turn!” until the sheets are soaked and your privates are numb. Zzzzzzz.

4. The Position Sex Book: 50 Wild Sex Positions You Probably Haven’t Tried – $25
“Hun, what should we try tonight? You wanna do the Banana Split or Gift Wrap me?” Good for a laugh but also as a resource, this sex position book is better than most because it has lovely full page photos, so you can really see how it’s done, which is important if you are trying to master the “Hello Dolly” or fucking while doing a handstand. Innocent enough, this gift also reads, “I’m looking for a little more adventure.”

5. Bondage Tape – $12
Been a bad girl? Do you need a spanking? This bondage tape is great because it sticks to itself but not your skin. It can be adequately used as a restraint, but it’s not as threatening as the Celtic Josephine Slapper. Tape him to the bed, or get him to tape your mouth shut: just don’t use it around the neck. That goes for all ropes and restraints. Now, get on all fours you dirty SLUT.

6. PinkHeart Blindfold – $28
If being a naughty bunny is your thing, then this cutesy PinkHeart Blindfold is the perfect way to surprise him. It’s flirty and playful but also says, “Do things to me.”

7. Ice Queen Nipple Gel – $28
This refreshing mint flavour gel from Victoria B.C will have him licking your titties hard. But it’s not just for nips! Sometimes blowjobs get boring: dab some of this on his cock for flavoured sucking or tasty mint-balls without the sting. (Anyone else ever majorly fuck up with Tiger Balm? Or, perhaps, Carmex Lip Balm?)
Come As You Are is located at 701 Queen St. West.

~ Jen McNeely


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