For whatever reason, my friends and I made it our mission to make this past weekend the best weekend EVER. It looked good on paper but the real mission was execution. The plans? Celebrate SDTC’s best blog win at Bangs & Blush’s Shake, Rattle & Roll at Clinton’s Saturday night, drag ourselves out of bed for brunch Sunday morning and make it to the new Lomography Gallery Store for their Analogue Love workshop at noon. It was difficult, but we made it happen and it was a weekend that topped all others in recent memory.

Saturday night was a mix of cute dresses, celebatory shots, and dancing to our favourite Motown and 60’s hits. AWESOME! We stayed until Bangs & Blush bid us all a goodnight and were given an extra hour of fun – thanks standard time!

We somehow managed to drag ourselves out of bed and down the street to the Prague Sunday morning by 11:00 am, where we wolfed down a Czech breaky of palačinky and then raced down the street to the Lomography Gallery Store, making it there at exactly noon.

Sitting on a comfy couch, coffee and hot chocolate in hand, we were taught camera techniques and effects by a knowledgeable and hilarious lomographer from New York. After his presentation, we went onto Queen St. W. and huddled in a close circle for a group photo with the new Slider camera and were then given a loaner Diana camera and a free roll of film and to take 12 pictures wherever we wanted.

A group of us headed down to Trinity Bellwoods for our photos, receiving comments from passersby on our matching plastic cameras as we snapped away at tennis players, dogs, children, and each other. Once our rolls were used up, we headed back to the store to return our cameras and say goodbye. Nothing beats free afternoon activities and new friends.

Shake, Rattle & Roll happens every Saturday at Clinton’s while the Lomography weekend workshops will happen every few weeks.

~ Caitlyn Holroyd