Last night Shedoesthecity writers adorned classy Buckle Fedoras and tap-danced in the front entrance of Gap on Bloor Street. Behind us, shoppers raided the 1969 high-waisted jean rack and compared their ombre highlights (occasionally joining in for a two-step or several.) It was a celebration to kick off summertime or THANK GOD THE SHITTY WEATHER IS BEHIND US! Gap’s DJ blared The Ting Tings and Adele and we happily swooshed around to try on boyfriend shorts, maxi dresses and any hat we could throw on our head. Weeeee!

Between fittings, shoppers guzzled back vitaminwater and tried those new tasty PopChips that everyone is talking about. We did overhear calorie counters wowing, “Wow, only 100 calories? These taste amazing!” TRUTH! The first one hundred guests were also handed Shedoesthecity candy loot bags, which had been madly assembled just hours before by a human conveyor belt at Queen and Ossington.

Event highlights included snapping pics of escalator dancing and watching hot babes with flaming tattoos whip licorice. Posing with the mannequins was also fun especially when we tried to feed them vitaminwater. Hey, they get thirsty too!

Yes my friends, it was a summer wardrobe shopping blitz ’cause guests received 25% off all purchases and a sexy fedora when they spent over $50. Cha-ching, went the cash register and by 7PM, Yorkville was flooded with twenty-something girls swinging their Gap bags and tipping their hats for a cab or a drink. Cute puppies were also invited to the party. Awwwww!

 Photos by Kira Crugnale, @kiraunfun

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