Shedoesthecity recently started a monthly book club with Simon & Schuster Canada, and we were thrilled at the response over our inaugural title, Walk It Off. In this hilarious and touching memoir, Ruth Marshall tells her story of sheer determination to turn her life around after she lost her mobility and had to re-learn how to walk, run, pee, and even have sex.

We gave away a stack of copies to readers who wanted to share their thoughts on the book with us. Take it from them, this page-turner will make you laugh, cry, and maybe even call your parents to tell them you love them!

Walk It Off is hilarious, dark and laugh-out-loud funny even when you know it shouldn’t be. I am rooting for Ruth and want it all to be okay for her and her family. When she ignores her symptoms, she is all of us women, soldiering on and pretending nothing is wrong. Ruth takes her ridiculously awful diagnosis and makes it relatable I was so happy to be along for her journey. Bonus: She was on Degrassi and knows Billy Ray Cyrus. She’s practically Canadian royalty.” Clare M.

Walk it Off was an authentic, honest, personal experience of one very funny lady who has a ton of spunk! I was hooked from beginning to end and would highly recommend it to my friends and family! In fact, I already have.” Alayne L.

“Ruth’s experience reminds me of my journey after a breast cancer diagnosis in 2006. Lots of fear and denial, but also humour. People didn’t understand, but humour helped me cope with a difficult time. As well, Ruth’s relationship with her parents is quite like the one I had with mine during diagnosis, surgery and recovery. This book is well written and captivating…I think it will keep me up late the next few nights!” Lynne M.

“Ruth’s candidness is refreshingly funny. Reading Walk It Off is like sitting down and talking to your best friend. I was on her side immediately and rooting for her the entire way through.” Ariel N.

“Once I started Walk It Off, I could hardly put it down! It is a truly inspiring memoir that left me thinking about how I would react and cope with such a diagnosis (not well!). I admire and respect Ruth Marshall for persevering and overcoming so many trials and tribulations, and in the end, getting back on her feet again. Walk It Off truly puts life in perspective and emphasizes that we should enjoy each day we have and appreciate our family. It was also very eye-opening to the hard work and care the people at rehabilitation centres do each and every day. Even though there were lots of tears, Ruth’s sense of humour and will to walk again helped her power through her struggles.” Joy M.

Walk It Off is an inspiring story that will have you simultaneously laughing and crying as you follow along on one woman’s journey to get control of her body. I loved reading about Ruth’s journey; her sarcasm and honesty is refreshing and will have you personally invested in her recovery.” Miranda R.

Thank you to ALL who contributed feedback for Walk It Off. We’re so excited about the next book in our Simon & Schuster Canada book club series: Marissa Stapley’s Things To Do When It’s Raining, a story of first love, heartbreak and haunting family secrets. Get cozy, because you won’t want to put this one down!