Orgasm energy charts, enormous inflatable clowns, Springsteen dandies, mass meditation, robotic swans…..oh Nuit Blanche, you really know how to freak us out, turn us on, inspire, awe and confuse.

Zone A

Monument to Smile by Agnes Winter

Parisian artist Agnes Winter partnered with students from OCAD, who asked the young photographers to wander Toronto and ask people to smile for the camera. The facade of the Holt Renfrew Centre will be transformed by video projections of 250 smiles.
50 Bloor St. W.

Interactive Landscape Dune by Daan Roosegaarde
Netherlands artist Daan Roosegaarde with transform Lower Bay Station into an interactive landscape that will respond to the behaviour of visitors. Fibers will brighten and dim in response to sound and motion. Down the rabbithole, literally!
Bay St. entrance to Bay Station

Iskootāo by Kent Monkman and Gisele Gordon
A Cree performance dance by Kent Monkman’s alter ego, Miss Chief Monk Testickle, will transform a piece of the Canadian Shield into the heart of Mother Earth. Named after the Cree word for both Fire, and woman’s heart, this exhibition will connect observers with the core.
Yorkville Park at Bellair and Cumberland by The Rock

Aurora by Philip Beesley Architect Inc.
A forest of light will take over the Royal Conservatory of Music. Vertical curtains of light will respond to viewers as they move through the space, Aurora aims to capture the essence of the Northern Lights in an interactive experience.
Royal Conservatory of Music, 273 Bloor St. W.

Under the Surface by Artist Cooperative of Canada
The Spadina Museum will be transformed by seven artists into a mysterious journey through six acres.
Spadina Museum, 285 Spadina Rd.

Storytelling Toronto: Your Story Begins at The Barns
Wychwood Barns storyteller in residence Dan Yashinsky will host a nightlong storytelling session with singers and musicians. All the stories will be told in second person present tense, and you are the hero.
Community Gallery, 601 Christie St.

Whimsical Wabi-Sabi by Bata Shoe Museum and Unincorporated Artist Collective
Illuminated origami spheres will turn the Bata Shoe Museum into an urban garden.
327 Bloor St. W.

Future City by Gardiner Museum, Diaspora Dialogues, and Humber School of Creative and Performing Arts
Artists will create their own city in the square outside the museum, where you must exchange acts of art. Write fortune cookie length poems, pose for a photo mosaic, and interact with artists and musicians.
111 Queen’s Park

KortuneFookie by Jean-Francois Lacombe
This giant interactive fortune cookie provides a printed fortune with the touch of a button-and the fortunes are created by people contributing their wisdom, jokes, or missives to a website. Go add your own!

Yonge St. at Hayden St.

All Night I Mourned Myself by John Shipman, Pamela Williams, and Zhang Xing
Spend some time with your own mortality at this exhibit that aims to allow participants a peak at their own funeral. Lie down in a pew and watch as mourners walk over you, pick up a phone to see what funeral attendees are saying about you, and select your own memorial monument.
St. Matthews United Church, 729 St. Clair Ave. W.

One at a time
This group exhibition includes the Orgasm Energy Chart, a 1960’s sex questionnaire, performance art, and a mound of one million pennies.
Hart House & University of Toronto Art Centre, Hart House Circle

Rail of Light by Richard Mongiat, Jeff Winch & Fuzzy Boundaries
The Wallace Ave. pedestrian bridge will be transformed by a light installation, and the sound of an electric train will woosh through the darkness, asking participants to ponder the electric-diesel controversy along the Georgetown Corridor. Get there by walking along the West Toronto Railpath.
Wallace Avenue Pedestrian Bridge at the West Toronto Railpath, 374 Wallace Avenue

Pillars of Fire
Saint Thomas’s Anglican Church will be taken over by a group multimedia exhibition inspired by fire.
383 Huron St.

The Articulated Path by Sociedad Psicogeográfica de Salamanca
The Casa Loma stables will be transformed by a Psychogeographic path that shimmers with light, accompanied by a musical score.
Casa Loma Stables, 328 Walmer Rd.

Zone B

Reunion, 2010
In 1968, Marcel Duchamp gave one of his last public stage appearances at Ryerson, alongside John Cage and Teeny Duchamp. The original performance was controlled by games of chess, and Reunion 2010 invites local and international participants to create a new 12-hour performance on the same stage.
Ryerson Theatre, 43 Gerrard St. E.

Just because you can feel it doesn’t mean it’s there by Ryan Gander
An intentional fire is lit at Yonge and Dundas Square…and something miraculous will ensue.
SE Corner of Yonge and Dundas Square

Nuit Market Starring the Toronto Weston Flea Market by Mammalian Diving Reflex
A fully functioning night market supplying inexpensive consumer goods. Bargains, cheap and tasty foodstuffs, the perfect night market nestled off Yonge St.
Victora St. Lane starting at Dundas St. E

Ning Ning by Karen Garrett de Luna
An interactive swarm of LED fireflies that respond to stillness and motion, Ning Ning aims to bring one more breath of summer to the city in Autumn.
Ryerson University, South Bond Building. 105 Bond St.

Allegory for a Rock Opera by Derek Liddington
A media hodge-podge will accompany Springsteen anthems on the half hour, all night long, and two Springsteen-esque dandies will interact.
City TV & Omni Television, Rogers Studios. 33 Dundas St. E.

Later That Night at the Drive In by Daniel Lanois
A multi-screen media experience in Nathan Phillips Square from this legendary artist.
Nathan Phillips Square, 100 Queen St. W.

Pine Cone Colony by Floyd G. Elzinga
A giant fire will be fed with pine cone sculptures, amidst three giant steel pinecones.
160 Queen St. W.

Way-Station (North Migration)
This installation/sculpture/performance art piece will put you in a world where climate change forces people to migrate to Northern Ontario for survival. Leave messages for loved ones and talk to members of the nomadic neo-tribal people leading the migration as they organize an impromptu shrine-which you can contribute to with your own “personal ephemera.”
Mill St. and Trinity Lane in front of Balzac’s Coffee House in the Distillery District

The River Peace
A 12 hour public participatory public art event. This mass meditation on peace is inspired by Mahatma Ghandi’s Satyaraghas, and will incorporate large scale choreography and orchestration throughout a 2000-ft long luminous sculpture, which will be carried by the public and lit by cell phone light.
Mill St. & Trinity St. at the Main Gates, 55 Mill St, Distillery District

Burning Buddha by Blake
Asking us to contemplate our human rights, and those who suffered for them, this 1/4 life size sculpture of a burning nun is the centre of a video installation that will bring together art and activism.
Distillery Market Patio, 55 Mill St.

Red Light by Bill Vorn
Six worm-robots will react to the crowd with sound, light and movement.
Cannery Building # 58, Studio 317, 55 Mill St., Distillery District.

Homage to Guernica by Sparrow in the Room Collective
Picasso’s iconic painting will inspire a visual and performance installation made up of memories from wars around the world.
Arta Gallery, 55 Mill St. Building 9, Unit 102.

OCAD’s streetscapes will become a mirage of fractals, portals, activation and turbulence. There will be performance art and opportunities to create your own music and animation using your cell phone.
McCaul St. from Dundas W. to Grange Rd.

Aleatoria by Peggy Baker Dance Projects
12 of Toronto’s finest dancers will perform an ever-changing series of duets for 12 hours.
Canada’s National Ballet School, 400 Jarvis St.

Robot swans in tutus and ballet shoes will glide to the sounds of Tchaikovsky in this student created exhibition.
Pedestrian Pathway at 125 Bond St.

LIGHT UP THE NIGHT: Here’s Looking at You
Broadcasters will be capturing a live webcast of the event from in and around Ryerson University.

The Bus House by Iva Jericevic
Three bus shelters will be turned into cozy living rooms, inspired by different stages of human life-childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Interactive activities will be included.
Queen St. W. at Bay St.

The Semaphore Project
A geometric tower and lighthouse will echo the CN Tower and concrete silos visible from this industrial stretch of the city.
300-312 Cherry St. on Keating Channel

The Renewables Project by Toby Smith
These large-scale photos will capture the kinetic energy found in the Scottish landscape, with videos and photos capturing days of emissions in mere seconds.
Bau-Xi Photo Gallery, 324 Dundas St. W.

Happy Birthday to ___________!
An all night birthday party, where the candles will be blown out every 15 minutes!
Southbound lane of Yonge St. at College St.

Julian Schnabel-Selected Films
The AGO will be screening Basquiat by this award-winning artist and filmmaker.
Jackman Hall, McCaul St. and Dundas St. W.

Zone C

Auto Lamp by Kim Adams
A supercool, superluminous Dodge Ram Van that revolves like a lighthouse to beckon viewers.
Yonge St. south of Queen St.

_scape with 6 and 7 by Annie Onyi Cheung
The breathing of the human form is rendered in sight and sound as a visual landscape, or breathscape.
Cloud Gardens, immediately west of 1 Richmond.

Big O by Zilvinas Kempinas
Like ephemeral rhythmic gymnastics, Big O harnesses air currents to invisibly manipulate a loop of videotape into sculpture.
Bay Adelaide Centre, East Lobby, 333 Bay St.

Arrivals/Departures by Michael Fernandes
Prompters will ask the audience questions, and they’re responses will be transcribed onto large blackboards. The questions will aim to inspire responses that recount life experiences and interpersonal relationships, and comings and goings both in the remembered and recent.
Scotia Plaza, 40 King St. W. (Enter from Adelaide St. W.)

Endgame (Coulrophobia) by Max Streicher
THOSE WHO FEAR CLOWNS, BEWARE! Two giant inflatable clown heads will be stuck between two buildings in an alley, that negative urban setting for fear and debauchery. The clown heads are made from recycled billboards. This piece embodies tension in every way.
Alleyway between 67 Yonge St. and 69 Yonge St.

a moment stilled Voyageur by France Dubois
Landscapes will be projected onto the windows of a minivan parked on the street, acting as the vehicle’s recorded memories.
Yonge St. at Dundee Place, 1 Adelaide St. E

The Task by Chris Shepherd
In this performance art piece, 15 concrete blocks will be moved from one location to another and then back again-the reward for this intense physical labour will be a scenario that looks exactly as it did in the first place, begging the question-are routines such as this tedious or meditative?
10 Toronto St., rear parking lot. Visible only from Victoria St.

The Calm by Aubrey Reeves
A video installation that explores a shipwrecked sailor, two video screens will depict a placid shoreline. Eventually, a woman is washed up onshore. In one video, she discovers elusive serenity. In another, she discovers a labyrinth that eventually leads to her demise.
36 Toronto St., access from Adelaide St. E.

Built for Art
401 Richmond will open itself up as a funhouse with a myriad of artistic possibilities, from an indoor teahouse to visits from quirky characters to screenings of music videos from 1960s French jukeboxes.
401 Richmond St. W.

E-Tower by Dave Colangelo & Patricio Davila
Control the lights of the CN Tower by texting ‘energy’ and your comments to 667242. This will increase the energy of the lights on the tower, and they will become faster and brighter the more energy they receive.
CN Tower, 301 Front St. W.

Paradise Disko by Derek Mainella
In an homage to Andy Warhol, The Social will be filled with hundreds of chrome and silver balloons, along with other visual delights.
The Social, 1100 Queen St. W.

Fly by Night
The Gladstone Hotel will become a maze of ephemeral environments. From outside to inside, roof to street, the hotel will become a feast for the eyes.
1214 Queen St. W.

For Font’s Sake, by Patrick Mimran
Witty comments on art scattered in a variety of storefronts around Queen West.

Platform by Ilona Staples
An imaginary Subway guide based on astrological maps, this LED creation will have a Subway platform where viewers can dance.
Royal Bank Plaza, 200 Bay St. at Front St.

Church Intent by John Notten
A gothic church-like structure made entirely out of camping equipment, shadows will be cast on the tent walls as people pilgrimage through the space.
Berczy Park, 35 Wellington St. E.

Fragments & Sightings
Fragments brings together objects collected from survivors of violence and loss in Toronto. Sightings mount images of survivors’ eyes on Subway platforms around the city.
Lamport Stadium, 1155 King St. W.

Flash Forward Festival: Shipping Container Exhibitions
Photos will be displayed on shipping containers, by a new generation of emerging photographers.
Liberty St. between Fraser Ave. and Atlantic Ave.

The Potential of Objects by Lalie Douglas
The artist will circulate, inviting participants to eat, burn, smash, and destroy tiny, carefully made objects, confronting the idea of transforming instead of keeping objects.
Strolling in Liberty Village

Goddesses and Gargoyles
Goddesses and gargoyles, ancient protectors, will gather in Liberty Village, and the audience will be encouraged to leave names they want protected at the feet of the guardians.
Lamport Stadium Parking Lot, Liberty St. at Fraser Ave.

The Dark Hours
For the past year, field recordings have been sourced from Parkdale, which have been assembled into a 15 minute audio presentation that reflects the economic and cultural dissonance of the area.
1313 Queen St. W.

Speed Art Criticism
Critics from everywhere from The Globe and Mail to Artstars* will give 15 minute reviews of works of art that creators bring their way-and respond to audience questions.
The Six String Garage, 1658 Queen St. W.

The Night Watch by Kristi Malakoff
The artist will transform an area of Parkdale into a site of manufactured escapism that investigates the urban manipulation of nature.
Parkdale Library/Town Square, 1303 Queen St. W.

The Night Watch: Shadow Play by Ed Pien
A hybrid video and performance installation, Pien creates mysterious shadows and beams of light.
Queen St. W. at Sorauren Ave. 1588 Queen St. W.

Rainbow (for David Hammons) by Scott Rogers
In solidarity with artist Hammons, who predicted a double rainbow would appear over Paris for their Nuit Blanche and had this installation mysteriously cancelled, Scott Rogers will create a rainbow inside a small gallery space.
*QueenSpecific, 787 Queen St. W.

The Space Between
At the Drake Hotel, the intersection between low and high art will be explored. Beginning on the building’s facade and surrounding patrons within, the Drake’s exhibitions operate under the idea that the hierarchy between low and high art has become irrelevant.
The Drake Hotel, 1150 Queen St. W.

Knit Magic
Individual knit sculptures will come together to form a diorama.
The Knit Cafe, 1050 Queen St. W.

Chance Encounters in the Uncanny City by Joseph Banh
With a Surrealist goal of bringing strangers together for chance encounters, this experiential piece will allow you to move through the space with others or alone.
The Spoke Club, 600 King St. W. (east alleyway)

Singin’ In The Dark
An onstage sing-along of songs from movie musicals, which will get darker and stranger as the night progresses.
TIFF Bell Lightbox, Reitman Square, 350 King St. W.

The Essential Cinema
Bringing together iconic pieces from historic cinematic masterpieces with new works from two of Canada’s greatest living directors, Atom Egoyan and Guy Maddin, this is a cinephile’s dream.
TIFF Bell Lightbox, Reitman Square, 350 King St. W.

Hair Matters
A giant hair-like structure will grow and transform as artists work on it through the night.
Coupe Bizarre, 710 Queen St. W.

A Night at the Round Table
The public will be invited to join performers around a giant picnic table and campfire. You can participate by singing and telling stories, and they’ll be giving out merit badges and toasted marshmallows.
Trinity Bellwoods Park

Ruby Venus
15-30 identical blonde women in red dresses will wander amongst the crowds and gather every hour on the hour for a highly choreographed dance piece to the sound of heavy metal violins.
Baseball diamond in the south east end of Trinity Bellwoods

A large playground made of mirror finished gold tubing designed for adult bodies to clamber all over.
Trinity Bellwoods Park

An encompassing video installation that reminisces the joy of swinging with your feet high in the air.
900 Queen St. W.