was born out of frustration with traditional methods of fundraising. The website is such an intuitive, excellent concept, it’s almost surprising it hasn’t been around forever. They sell and deliver organic and natural products, you buy ’em, and 15% of what you pay goes to the charity of your choice. It’s an effortless way to integrate giving into your daily routine.

The products they offer range from fresh market foods to lifestyle and beauty supplies: Basically, everything to save you a weekly trip to the grocery store. This past weekend, they sent us one of their delicious Weekly Staples Bins, to give us an idea of what you can expect in a delivery. A perfectly pre-stocked pantry showed up at our door, complete with our choice of organic, soy or almond milk, Brick Street Bakery bread, tons of veggies and free range eggs. We whipped up a delicious breakfast, a sweet-potato salsa, a zucchini pasta, and more. We got inspired by the unexpected veggies and tried new recipes. The produce was plentiful, the bread fresh and delicious, and the knowledge that everything we were eating was ethically sourced? The best.

You can choose from DonateNaturally’s pre-packed Weekly Staples Bin, or create your own. There’s even a whole special-diet section to cater to kosher, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan or peanut-free customers. And while you’re ordering your cleaning supplies or stocking up for your baby, you can pick from an incredible list of charities, schools, teams and universities to donate your 15% to. It’s all delivered to your front door, and it feels great. Get shopping today!