Show Us A Day In Your Life This Saturday

This Saturday, grab a camera(phone) and film a day in your life.

Maybe you will be getting married! Divorced! Ordering UberEATS! Picnicking in the park! Hitting the red carpet at TIFF! Cleaning up baby puke! Heading to the beach! Whatever it is you (legally) end up doing, film it, and upload your video clips here.

Canada In A Day will be a CTV special created entirely from footage made by Canadians in one day, over 24 hours, and will reflect our thoughts, hopes, and lives. It will be a celebration of Canada for our 150th anniversary. And the more people they have contribute, the richer the tapestry will be. It can be a special occasion or simple moments – just as long as it matters to you.

So don’t forget – September 10th, get filming. It’s gonna be a helluva show.

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