We absolutely love the annual Scrubs in the City fundraiser in support of SickKids, and this year’s “Roman Holiday” theme is getting us really excited about dressing up. Versace, Pucci, Prada–if you don’t got it, fake it, or do like us and wrap a flamboyant scarf around your head, go dark and moody with the smokey eyes, and channel Sophia Loren. 

If you’ve attended this party in past years, you know that it’s unforgettable. Case in point: last year there was a camel. The food is always top notch, the entertainment will whisk you to the dance floor, and June at Evergreen Brick Works just feels so good. To get an idea of what fun you’re in for, go here, or see our photo galleries from past years.

Now in its 17th year, this annual event has raised close to $5 million, and we plan on continuing this tradition for years to come. The time is now, so don’t miss out: rally your troop, put your dollars towards the hospital that every Toronto parent is incredibly thankful to have, and have a glorious spring night.

Scrubs in the City is taking place Thursday, June 7 at Evergreen Brick Works. Individual tickets are $225. Get them here.