You know what to do when someone is choking, but what if the health crisis before you is a mental one? What is the best way to respond, and what follow-up steps should you take?

Toronto’s HOAME Meditation has been offering a variety of workshops focused on mental health, and we think taking their 1-day Mental Health Crisis Response Training Workshop is a great way to be proactive and get comfortable and confident with knowing how to act, and what to do, for when you are confronted with a crisis. 

This one day 8-hour online course takes a solution-focused and strengths based approach to empower everyone with the important skills and knowledge needed to be an effective first responder.

You will learn:

  • How to recognize and identify signs and symptoms of mental health crisis
  • How to connect and provide support to individuals in crisis
  • Key verbals statements and step by step actions you can apply in each situation
  • How to ensure physical and psychological safety
  • Important legal policy and legislation every first responder should know
  • How to assist from an anti-oppressive framework free of bias and discrimination
  • How to take care of oneself following a crisis

This certificate course was created by mental health clinicians – Carolyn Plater MSW, RSW and Stephanie Kersta MSc, RP – post-secondary educators, creators of the Mindfulness in Modern Society certification at McMaster University, published researchers, and co-founders of Hoame modern meditation studio.

Whether it is a friend who’s dealing with severe depression, or a stranger you encounter on the street, this one-day course will help you feel better equipped to support someone in crisis. We’re certain it will be eye-opening in all sorts of ways.

August 27 / 9am – 5pm / $59. More info here