When we were teens we hit Toronto Eaton Centre to slurp on root beer floats at Mr. Greenjeans and toss coins in the fountain while chewing on a salty pretzel stick. While we still do the latter, Cadillac Fairview’s Eaton Centre has come a long way since when we were bratty sixteen year olds taking over the escalator and behaving all Clueless-like. Now, it’s home to our favourite go-to stores like H&M, Gap, Victoria’s Secret and BCBG. And, this year #TEC35 will be adding J Crew, Pink and Juicy Couture. Can I hear a woo-hoo? WOOHOOO!

We asked YOU to share your favourite memories and we got some goodies. Here are our top five….and guess what? You all won a $35 shop! card. Go grab a fun pair of undies from La Senza with your fro-yo!  

Cindy Ng

Eaton Centre holds a very dear memory of a great reunion for me. I grew up in Malaysia and came to Canada as a teenager. Technology not being what it is now, I lost touch with my close friends and as the years went by we completely drifted apart. Which leads me to a few years ago, when I was at the Eaton Centre with my husband shopping at H&M. I had a couple of shirts picked out and was lined up to pay, when who else did I see but one of my closest childhood friends also waiting at the cash register! We recognized each other immediately and it was a great reunion! We laughed and cried and talked, and it all happened because H&M in Eaton Centre brought us together!

Lisa Carbone

My favourite Eaton Centre memory is having lunches at Mr. Greenjeans, with my sister and cousin, spending our babysitting money or celebrating a birthday, we’d order their famous dessert, “The Hat’s Off”…it was a huge plastic top hat turned upside down and filled with 9 scoops of ice cream, chocolate and caramel sauces, peanuts, sprinkles, brownie chunks…everything you can imagine. Was a very long time ago but I will never forget those times…

Margaret Imecs

My fave Eaton Centre memories? It’s always at Christmas, dazzling decorations and wonderful shopping experience.

Betty Dang

I remember when there were a bunch of male models dressed as Ken dolls in the middle of the Eaton Centre as an ad for Mattel last year. They were campaigning to win Barbie back after their big break up! My friends and I had a good time flirting and trying to convince them that they could do better!

Choi Quen

The Eaton Centre holds fond memories for me in a number of ways. During my university years at Ryerson, the Eaton Centre was a hang-out spot for me and my classmates. I remember wandering the mall with my heavy knapsack and people-watching while sitting in the food court sipping on my bubble tea. After graduation as a young professional, I also ended up working near the Eaton Centre. It became my go-to for errands and during my lunch hour, I would check out the latest sales! Lastly, shopping at the Eaton Centre on Boxing Day has become a yearly tradition for my mom and me. You can find us there every year, bright and early, ready to shop til we drop! Oh Eaton Centre, how I love thee! 🙂

With 50 million heading to Toronto Eaton Centre each year, we are guessing that the good memories do not stop here. Awww, Eaton Centre, you aren’t just a mall but our downtown BFF. Now, when is that J. Crew opening again?