The first time we listened to Sarah Hiltz’ singlesSwim” and “Love & Retreat”, we were instantly in love. Both songs have a timeless quality to them, as if they’ve always been there in your life, bringing comfort to difficult chapters. Her newest single “May I Rage, May I Love”, released today, captures the intensity of this moment we’re living through, but in the most soothing and thoughtful way. 

“This song is full of close notes held in tension, a kind of audible mirror of the internal struggle I go through in allowing myself to get angry when I see wrong in the world while still holding true to my deepest value (love). Rage and Love feel like they’re at odds with each other (at least to me), but I believe it’s in balancing them that I might be able to contribute to shifting the injustices that cause harm across the globe,” says Hiltz. “Learning how to hold both of these things at the same time might be the most important spiritual work I ever personally do.”

It’s a duality we are all struggling with. Take a moment to watch the stunning video, directed by Sandi Barrett. We think “May I Rage, May I Love” is the perfect song to warm up a cold and grey day in January. Pre-order the album here