Snuggle Up Till Spring in a Cozy Hoodie-Footie!

Ever looked longingly at the perfect coziness enjoyed by 2-year olds in their footie pajamas? Hoodie-Footie makes the covetable toddler togs in adult sizes, allowing grown women and men to swaddle themselves in snuggly comfort too. Hoodie-Footie even improves upon the footie pajama model, tacking on a hood so that your head won’t be left out of the toasty fun.

According to their website, Hoodie-Footie’s full-front zip front makes dressing easy “whether you wear them like pajamas or over other clothes.” Don’t laugh – there are numerous opportunities when wearing a Hoodie-Footie over your regular clothes just makes good sense.  At work, you can toss out that old pashima hanging over the back of your chair and replace it with a stylish Hoodie-Footie – the perfect solution to an over-air conditioned office. At play, the Hoodie-Footie’s non-skid treads will allow you to go about your favorite activities with nary a slip.

And while you’re chuckling at those suffering through February without the benefit of a Hoodie-Footie, don’t leave your pooch out in the cold! Spoil Rex with a dog-sized Hoodie-Footie of his very own.

Those in need of a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift need look no further than the Hoodie-Footie Sweetheart Snuggle Fleece, featuring a print of red and pink hearts. It’s like wearing a hug from head to toe!

Hoodie-Footies, starting at $79.99, available from 

~ Heidi Craig


  1. Jrock
    February 10, 2011

    Love this latest article about the hoodie foot–ingenious!
    As soon as I get mine I’ll be wearing them everywhere from bed to outdoor activities!

  2. Anonymous
    February 13, 2011

    I can’t imagine a single self-respecting Montrealer donning one of these. Is this a joke, or a new form of birth control??

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