Social Common Creative is a new platform producing original content for millennial moms. Catherine Belknap & Natalie Telfer of Social Common have selected a team of expert contributors, covering everything from relationship advice and parenting how-to’s, to fashion tips and easy cooking hacks. We chatted with Catherine and Natalie about Social Common Creative, and the best (and worst) aspects of motherhood.

SDTC: Why did you go with the educational video format for Social Common Creative?

CB & NT: Our audience is moms, and moms crave information. We scour the Internet and YouTube only to end up with so much information, and we don’t know what to trust. We didn’t have one spot where we could find it all in a video format, so we created it. We wanted to create a platform where moms could come and find out everything they need to know in each category they care about the most. We wanted to make sure that the experts featured on our platform were moms we personally trusted and that were able to deliver quick, valuable content for moms in need of smart, helpful advice.

What’s been the biggest challenge?

Oh, there have been lots! From launching a new site, educating ourselves on the ever-evolving online strategies, searching for the best of the best content creators and filtering through the plethora of advice that comes from anyone and everyone. But, the truth is, we thrive on challenge. Once we master one aspect of our business, we begin to research how to get better at the next. We enjoy this digital mom space and the moms we work with so much that every day is really so much fun.

What makes a great video segment, in your opinion?

We love short format, laser-focused content curated specifically for the mom audience. We like raw, authentic information that comes from a trusted expert. We also love a little comedy.

What was the best parenting tip you’ve ever been given?

Follow your instincts and don’t sweat the small stuff.

What are your top three tips for moms-to-be?

1) Join mom groups and make friends with women who are having babies at the same time as you. No one will understand you like they will. The online communities are also an amazing resource for support.
2) Follow your instincts! There is so much noise around parenting opinions, philosophies, trends and advice. You are the President and CEO of your new family, let them do them and you do YOU!
3) Try to laugh if off…every day. Motherhood is a long journey and if you don’t take everything too seriously, it can be a freaking hoot!

What is the best part of being a mom? Worst?

The best part about becoming a mom is that we got to create our own tribe! Each member of our little team has such a unique and important role in the family. They are our people and they keep us laughing all the time. Worst part: They aren’t born potty trained.

What is your favourite thing to do when you get some time away from the kids?

Even though we are “work wives” and spend all day together, we also like to let loose together. Our husbands are also great friends now, and the four of us love going out for cocktails, dinners and even hosting cocktail parties for our social circle. We have a mission to bring back the regular “cocktail party.” We have amazing moms who babysit our kids often – thank goodness for those ladies!

What can we look forward to you covering this year?

If there is a topic moms are interested in, we will be talking about it. We release fresh, new videos every single day on our website. You can expect a candid, uncensored dialogue from the two of us and our contributors.

Every few weeks, we will release a series of “Mom Truths” where we dish the dirt on what moms are really thinking, as we drive through the city. Our next series will feature the two of us and a guest mom (who you might recognize) in the back seat. Our guest moms will share their truths, too!

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