I was going to write a celebratory blog post to mark International Women’s Day. It was going to be inspirational. It was going to be forward-looking. It was even going to include photos chronicling my growth from awkward Polish immigrant girl to the woman, wife, and mom that I am today. Basically, it was going to be good.

Then I got food poisoning.

Yes, I had great intentions. And they got hurled into the puke bin along with my Friday night’s dinner and will to live. Sigh.

Then this morning, in a last moment panic, I was planning on writing about womanhood and childbirth and the knowledge we pass down to each other from generation to generation for thousands of years – the wisdom, emotional support, and secrets we pass on, woman to woman, mother to mother – giving us the strength, the courage and the will to endure all that we do all in the name of keeping mankind from extinction, etc, etc.

Granted, that may have been slightly ambitious, but I was optimistic.

Until I got a call from my nanny early afternoon telling me Cy-guy was puking his guts out at the drop-in centre. Oy. Of course I dropped everything and ran home to my poor little muppet. After a few rounds of clothing changes, countless popsicles, and some jiggly watermelon jello, he is doing better and is finally fast asleep. For now. Just breaks my heart to see him like that though. I guess my food poisoning was actually the stomach flu…

But now I find myself here with nothing to post, tons of work to make up from this afternoon, and no more time. So this is all I’ve got: if there’s one thing I can say about women, it is our amazing ability to adjust, to regroup, to pick up the pieces and keep going no matter what craziness life throws our way. Somehow we always get it done. It’s this incredible resilience that makes women in our lives – our moms, sisters, daughters, aunts, bosses and girlfriends – so amazing.

This post may not have turned out as planned. Yes, I had to improvise at the last minute and am basically making this up as I go along – but hey, at the end of the day, isn’t that what we are all doing, one way or another?

Happy International Women’s Day!!!