Drinking on a budget? There’s an app for that. Drinkowl is a handy little Iphone  app that, through the magic of technology, creates a constantly updated map of the cheapest drinks in the city. That’s right, just let it GPS your location, and it will tell you how close you are to $5 mojitos, $10 pitchers, $3 mixed drinks, and more! SOUNDS LIKE A CHALLENGE! We teamed up with the lovely gentlemen from Songs & Cigarettes, Aislinn, Neil, and Braden (who you may recognize from Shinan’s annual Worthy 30 round up) and the fellows from Drink Owl, Ryan Cooley and Michael Clark, for a good-natured girls vs. boys drink off along College Street.

iPones in hand and armed with all manner of delicious drink specials, we made our way from martinis to margaritas to pitchers of long island iced tea, and never paid more than $5 for a drink. The result? Well, the evening didn’t end with everyone wearing each other’s coats, as we predicted, but by midnight we were frisbeeing Drinkowl coasters with abandon, lusting over Jack Layton, and traipsing through the streets like a maniacal band of marauding budgeteers. Suffice to say, any adventure Drinkowl leads you on is sure to be a pretty good time.