We’ve been living through a pandemic for nearly six months (fuckkkkkkkk). So we thought it was about time we organize something super chill that would allow us to come together and unwind.

Join us this coming Thursday evening (8:30-9:25) for a virtual Stretch class, led by Melissa-Jane Shaw, founder of Soul Fuel Fitness. She’s going to light some candles, and help us work out the stress kinks (we have a lot). 

Do you like that natural serotonin high? Combining the best of yoga, eccentrics + traditional sports stretching to lengthen muscles, fascia + connective tissues, the Soul Fuel stretch class helps  with overall fitness, while also helping the body release toxins and feel at ease.

Whether you are a parent who is pulling your hair out as you anxiously await news about September, or are just generally feeling burnout, this is a class that will relax and restore your body and mind. 

Sign up by going to the Soul Fuel website. Select CLASSES, pick the Soul Fuel Stretch class on Thursday at 8:30pm, and when signing up, enter promo code SDTCSTRETCH. The promo code will give you access to THREE COMPLIMENTARY CLASSES! We personally love the Soul Stretch, but you could also try Soul Sculpt, Fuel Barre, FitPop and for you hardcores—Muscle Jack. 

Hope you can make it this Thursday.