If you’ve been longing to disconnect from your adult reality and reconnect with the kid inside, look no further.

Soul Full Camp, an immersive weekend in nature, returns this summer (in Muskoka, June 21-23; and in Haliburton, August 25-27). The camp, which is the brainchild of Heather DelRosario & Jenny McKee, gives women a chance to step back in time by sleeping in cabins, swimming in a beautiful lake, creating crafts, playing games, eating in a mess hall, and making new friends around a roaring campfire. The experience is also padded with expert-led workshops and sessions covering yoga, drumming circles, meditation, as well as mindful eating, visual art, and journaling. Take part in games, archery, dance, kayaking and SUP. There’s also plenty of down time for self-reflection and star gazing.

When was the last time you stepped away from your role as mother/partner/colleague/employee and just got real? This mini-break is just the ticket to remind you of your girlhood, and will hit the refresh button to go forward and live a better life. Find out more and register here.