Adam K (a.k.a. Adam Kershen) hails from Toronto and has been mastering sound design, audio engineering and producing for the past 15 years with both solo and collaborative projects, with tracks like “I Can Feel” and “You’re Not Alone” dominating the underground scene. An original composition mastermind, his collaboration with Soha, “Twilight”, was named an Essential New Tune on BBC Radio 1 and his song “Raining” with Kaskade hit #1 on iTunes Dance in both the U.S. and Canada. When it comes to remixing, Adam K has reworked singles from dance icons Tiesto and Deadmau5 to mainstream chart-toppers like Keri Hilson, Robyn and U2.  

In town for Space Ibiza Festival Toronto this Saturday, we got the scoop on everything from what makes a good remix to what we can expect from his set. 

SDTC: What initially attracted you to the house/electronica music scene?
When I was a teenager I went to raves here in Toronto and was immediately hooked on, of all things, crazy drum ’n bass. That inspired me to come home and mess with a virtual drum machine. That was it. All the candy I ever wanted and needed. 

When it comes to your live performance, how do you ensure the crowd has the best time possible?
When I perform, I feed off the energy of the crowd. I know I’m supposed to be the entertainer and just deliver on demand but that’s not me. I need to receive something good and then I’ll give it back 1000 fold. If it’s mutual then it’s just a jam. That’s how it goes down. 

How would you describe the Canadian dance music scene at the moment?
Canada is amazing. Period. We have cities in this country that are in the middle of nowhere literally and regardless have no problems raving HARD! I can only encourage that kind of behaviour and am proud to be from this great country. 

What musicians and DJs are you into right now?
The two producers in our industry that make me go wow at the moment… they are Madeon and Skrillex. WOW. They are insane. So much talent at such young ages, they definitely inspire me to keep getting better as a producer. 

In your opinion, what makes a good remix?
I think the most important thing to remember is good music is good music. If a remix starts with the right ingredients usually you come up with something nice. So in short, a good rhythm section, good lyric, good melody, good energy and we’re off to the races.   

What are the benefits to running your own label, Hotbox Digital?
A&R. I choose what, when, how much, and to whom. It’s my way or the highway 🙂  Yay. 

What can we expect from your show at Space Ibiza?
I’m going to bang it out. I’ll come with everything I’ve got and hopefully the crowd is ready to receive it. I’ve been looking forward to my return to Toronto for some time so I have high hopes! I hope you’re ready. 

Check out Adam K’s website for tracks, tour information and more . 

~ Caitlyn Holroyd