“Everything is fine…there’s nothing going on,” said Mayor Rob Ford yesterday at a press conference about the latest departures of his staff at City Hall. Oh really? Everything is fine? There’s nothing going on? Okay, then! Case closed.

NO. That’s not good enough, Rob. If countless newspaper headlines, an international PR disaster, staff members resigning every day, and the immense outpouring of concern on social media isn’t enough for you to realize that THINGS ARE NOT FINE, then we will do what we can to help clarify the need for action and change by demonstrating this Saturday, June 1 at the doors of City Hall.

If you are feeling like I am, this exercise may seem futile. You probably feel hopeless, perhaps even nauseous—but this is precisely why you should join us on Saturday. Yes, Mayor Rob Ford was voted in and yes, this is a democracy, but this ongoing scandal, and the way it has been handled, is unprecedented; we are dealing with a situation that is out of control and, as such, extreme action is necessary.

Think about your workplace: would this type of behaviour ever be tolerated? I’m not even talking about whether or not he smoked crack cocaine, but rather the poor ways in which the issue has been handled since day one. Things are for from okay; Toronto deserves better.

Join us tomorrow at 12pm at Nathan Phillips Square. You live here. This is your city. Stand up for Toronto. Rob Ford might not listen, but others with the power to do something might.

I’m meeting my mom for breakfast so we can make signs together and collectively demonstrate how we feel. Come find us and the rest of the Shedoesthecity gang! 

3496 people have RSVPd on Facebook. Event details here.