One of our favorite things about fall is warming up with a big bowl of ramen at Kintaro’s organic little sister restaurant: Motomachi Shokudo. Snuggled in at 740 Denman, a short walk from the Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park and the beach at English Bay, Motomachi Shokudo came recommended to us by our Chef pal from Campagnolo: he’d found the ultimate-best ramen in town. He’d been on a kick the week before, trying out all the spots along Denman and Robson, doing the dirty taste testing work for us comfort-lovers with packed schedules. He slimed down oily broths, coughed up too much for veggie-less bowls, speculated on the level of ethical farming behind every ingredient in the dish, leading him to the Green Party of Noodles, the place which quickly became a go-to favorite. We hear they even hand-make their noodles! We recommend Motomachi Shokudo; have a small bowl of Kimchi to spice-out the palate first, and a cool Asian beer to pair with your choice hot, full bowl of nummy MSG-free broth and curly noodles with veg like leeks and lotus root. They are generous, so if you don’t like a lot of meat in your soup then ask for it without, or add eggs instead. It’s a great third date spot for its casual intimacy, or for meeting up with a friend, and it’s also the kind of place you can fly solo to with a book, but it is tiny so be prepared to wait. It’s a must-do for a fall night, spicy-chicken ramen make you feel alright!

–By Shelley Budd