We Descend into the Abandoned Bay Station for an Underground Party of Mythical Proportions

This past Thursday, Absolut Vodka teamed up with artist Justin Broadbent and DJ Steve Aoki to create the most underground of underground events. No, really. Featuring a red carpet that ran along the platform of Bay Station, guests were ushered by Absolut-tattooed model escorts down into the transformed secret subway station-formerly the home of hobos and spelunking youths.

We were there with our Flip Camera (new obsession), capturing all the action like the amateur auteurs we are. Check out the madness to the left, to the left.

The transformation of the abandoned station was thanks to Broadbent-who created A World Of Possibility by filling subway cars with a jungle of leafy greens, chandeliers, whiteboards, and a love-letter-dispensing vending machine. From the bright-orange graphic murals that lined the walls to the purple-lit white banquettes, the station became the coolest nightclub ever, part dance party, part art happening.

Absolut served up the drinks-delicious and potent-to the thirsty masses. Aoki hustled his way in around 11 pm, long hair blowing in the (lack of) wind. He good-naturedly posed for pictures, shook hands with attendees, and then threw down for his own DJ set. Partygoers split time between dancing between the tracks and exploring the cozy, intimate cars, perfect for secret encounters. Best of all? After the party, guests could hop the subway home-FREE RIDE!