Sticky situation. Getting rid of chewing gum without grossing people out

By Karen Cleveland
Before delving into how to get rid of gum tactfully, we’d be remised not to at least touch upon how to (or not) chew gum. Picture the stereotypical valley girl chomping on a piece of gum: mouth open, gratuitously snapping it….yeah, just do the opposite of that. If you have gum, awesome (you offered everyone else a piece, right?) but no one needs to know about it or be made aware of its presence.

Likewise when you need to get rid of said gum, no one needs to see it.

Do not
· Stick it to anything; undersides of surfaces included (I know you bastards are out there)
· Toss it on the ground
· Spit it into or onto anything

Endeavour to
· Roll it back into its wrapper (or tissue, or scrap of paper, you get the gist)
· Discreetly put it into the garbage
· If no other options abound, swallow it. It will not, despite what our parents told us, stay in your stomach for years.

If you’ve been made a victim of a dirty-gum-sticker, grab some ice. Freezing it is the best way to remove gum from fabric.

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