Stocking for Oprah causes Obama dildo squabble on Twitter as documented in text convo

Shedoesthecity writer Becca Lemire created a thoughtful fantasy Christmas stocking for Oprah Winfrey that included such delights as fake eyelashes, a gift certificate for singing lessons annnnnd a  Head of State Obama sex toy. Elated that she was able to sneak an x-rated gift into Oprah’s long sock, Lemire tweeted this: Thanks for letting me give Oprah an Obama dildo, @shedoesthecity. 

Later that eve on Twitter, we received this note from Obama dildo competitor: Often imitated, never duplicated! @obamarator is the original!

And then this late night text chain ensued:

Jen: Lemire – check what I posted on your wall!!!!

Becca: Aaaaaaaahhhhh!! What in the name of obama dildos!! Amazing! I just replied to ur email saying how we got a mention from the one i chose [Head of State] …but I had no idea about the other stuff!! I will dig deeper RIGHT NOW.

Jen: I think we should follow up with a post about this- ride the dildo wave while it lasts. I can do if you are too busy

Becca: For sure….like do a ‘compare and contrast thing, rate them….fuckability and stuff.

Jen: That and just that we had no idea there were multiple Obama dildos etc.

Becca: You gonna write about both of them? I wonder if there are more.

Jen: I will investigate all Obama sex toys.

Becca: cooooo

Jen: night homeslice.

Becca: goodnight honeycakes!!! 


Jen: you awake? The last tweet from obamarator was kinda gross.

Becca: Yeah….I think they’re hitting on us….I never thought an obama dildo would make a pass at me on twitter.

Jen: Their website is a bunch of old people saying how good they feel after using the obamarator. not sexy

Becca: hate the creepy farmer guy at beginning. Makes it all weird. [FYI:]

Jen: I will also search for Bush dildos tomorrow.

Becca: Good idea. Talk 2u about it 2moro. x

We never wrote the post. We were both too busy walking dogs and baking cookies. And things just started to feel icky after our last exchange when the Obamarator started getting all dirty talk with us:

@shedoesthecity @beccalemire I’ll make more than your head spin;) #yourpersonalstimuluspackage

@obamarator are you hitting on me?

@BeccaLemire @shedoesthecity – if you mean u arching your back, curling ur toes, and saying “O” as your head hits the pillow….then YES


And that is the end of our ‘Obama dildo for Oprah got creepy on Twitter’ weird ass-story…for now. 


  1. Zoe
    December 20, 2010

    this is beyond amazing. Congratulations on your entry into your new community.

  2. Anonymous
    April 20, 2011

    I think this board is the proper place to ask you about the activation proccess. My link is not working properly, do you know why it is happening?,

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