Remember Paul from The Wonder Years? Kevin’s nerdy, lanky neighbour who always suffered from allergies? That’s me, I’m Paul. If my allergies aren’t under control then they are totally out of control. Red eyes, itchy skin, stuffy nose, sneeze attacks, wheezing, hive breakouts: ALL OF IT!
Let’s rewind to 1979. I was born into a house with three dogs: Totor, Tristan and Trixie. It was a bustling household but even as a tubby toddler, I began to react. Once I turned three, I was diagnosed with asthma and allergies.
Sadly, my parents had to find the dogs a new home. Interestingly, Tristan ended up with the man who invented Trivial Pursuit. From that time on, my dad would, upon continuous request, tell me stories of the three dogs before I went to sleep at night. I was always extra curious about Tristan. Did he have his own bedroom in a mansion? A chauffeur to drive him around?
Although many doctors have advised me to never have pets, avoid sitting on grass, stay clear of springtime flowers and remove all things that could potentially collect dust from my bedroom, I’ve been breaking the rules since I was sixteen years old.
I take REACTINE®  to combat alllllll my allergy symptoms. (Well, not the emotional ones.) REACTINE® can start to work on allergy symptoms in 20 minutes and one dose provides 24 hour relief. Another bonus: Reactine is one of the few allergy meds I can take as it doesn’t cause drowsiness and allows me to go about my jam-packed day!
I love my dog Rocky, my cat Harvey, my blooming backyard, long hikes and park picnics; there’s no way I’d choose to avoid these things that bring such happiness to my life. THANKS REACTINE®!!!! You make me a little more like babelicious Winnie Cooper and a little less like Paul Pfeiffer.
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This post was sponsored by REACTINE ®. Thoughts and opinions are my own.