By Shelley Budd

If it wasn’t a Canadian I was talking to, then we were talking about how many Canadians there were at this years Sasquatch Music Festival. Mostly British Columbians, who caravanned over the border to peace-out by the Columbia river, confused about where the British part at the front went to. The allure of The Gorge in George, Washington is a majestic combo of breathtaking Kittitas terraced cliffs bathing in sunlight, the ever-looming chance of rain and rainbows, and the rambling expanse of lush green grass dancefloor.

What a better tactic for Sasquatch fashion than to roll with nature and its luscious palate? Canadians do this well, especially Vancouverites who understand you can never depend on a weather forecast to provide relevant dressing information. The Gorge was riddled with fancy femmes in all sorts of get-ups, from ravey princesses in neon miniskirts to breeze-loving paisley hippie frocks and teeny bikini’s, but the eye-catchers for me were the laid-back, comfort loving peeps looking to have a simply fun time. If you’re in it like a true Quatcher, then you’re locked in for the day – this means incorporating many-weather pieces to add and trade accordingly, and these guys performed very solidly on fun and seasoned factor. Layers for the ever-morphing beast that is weather and textures that mimic the elements, touching upon the colours of the surrounding landscape, win Canadian-big in a tumultuous crowd of fun-loving, aural addicts.