Quite literally, all of my friends have urinary tract infections right now. It’s summer, it’s muggy, and the humidex is frizzing up our hair—we have to be real and air out our cooches. You think you’re hot in this heat? Imagine what’s going on “down there.”

Here are some quick tips for taking some preventative measures to keeping you UTI-free for a safe, sexy summer.

Drink Lots of Water

I know eight glasses seems like a lot, but when it’s so gross out, it really isn’t. Drinking a lot of water keeps the pee flowing and allows your bladder to naturally cleanse itself. Constant trips to the bathroom are good for you right now—the body knows how to take care of itself. Drink a couple extra glasses a day to help it out.

Ditch Undies

My BFF is an avid fan of the whole no undies thing. During the summer this is actually almost crucial. Buy yourself a maxi dress and let the wind do its job. And the truth is, a lot of those sexy panties we love to buy (the lace, the spandex, the thongs) are not good for our vajay’s health. So grant her some freedom! If you aren’t a fan of the pantie-less party, try cotton.

Hot Tubs are the Devil

I know they are kinda sexy and can be relaxing, but opt for a swimming pool. Hot Tubs are quite literally a cesspool of germs and bacteria milling about in that re-used hot water. Ugh. Swimming pools aren’t all that great either, but if you must, make sure you are showering before and immediately after. The consequences are dire and painful.

Get Clean after Getting Dirty

Summer hormones are flitting about here and there. Sex it up as much as you want, but be sure to empty your bladder before and right after sex. Pee cleans! Laying about with all that sweat and lube hanging out in the down under region certainly isn’t to be taken lightly. Take a shower, then hop back into bed in your AC’d apartment with your sexy friend to cuddle the night away.

Enjoy the summer—sexily. Love thy cooch, love thyself.