Toronto-based style and image consultant Suzanne Colmer (who made her SDTC debut last year on our Her Career page) is throwing a party and ya’ll are invited! In celebration of the new and improved Your Shop Girl (which includes a recently revamped website complete with updated services and packages), Colmer invites us to join her at pastry paradise Bobbette and Belle on Saturday, November 3rd for an evening of eating, drinking, jewellery-trading and style and makeup tip-getting. So gather your old belts, scarves, bracelets, rings, necklaces, hats, earrings and things (I couldn’t resist that rhythm and rhyme, I’m so sorry) (No, I’m not), grab your girlfriends and come join us while we stuff our faces with cupcakes and listen to Colmer drop her mad style knowledge. Seriously, this girl knows her shit (think What Not To Wear, but younger, cooler and not annoying).

Colmer, who is a graduate of George Brown’s Image Consulting program, has studied in both Paris and New York, at the Sorbonne and Fashion Institute of Technology, respectively. She created Your Shop Girl out of a desire to combine her love of fashion with that of helping women reach the height of their style potential and look their best on a daily basis. She offers personal shopping services, closet cleanses, body and colour analysis, makeup tips, and seminars for every body, style and budget there is. And does all of this, ps., with impeccable style, candour, and warmth. To know her is to love her.

The party kicks off at 6pm and Colmer asks that you show up in a white t-shirt (and with accessories) in order to give the experts a blank slate to work with. She will be offering complimentary colour analysis and style tips while you browse the goods on offer and her makeup artist, Roz Mogani, will be on hand to do a 5 minute “no makeup” makeup tutorial. BUT WAIT: there’s more! Your ticket also gets you free gifts from FASHION Magazine, SpaMedica, and Benefit Cosmetics; catered snacks from Yorkshire Pudding, plus the above-mentioned sweets from hosts Bobbette and Belle; and, exclusive discounts on products and services from both Your Shop Girl and Roz Mogani.

Sounds like a lovely way to spend a Saturday night to us! And, since the celebration winds down around 9pm, there’s still plenty of time to make it out to the bar. Armed with a freshly made up face and new accessories (and a ‘lil buzz) to boot.

Get your tickets here.

~ Lindsay Tapscott