After a brutally long winter, the patches of blue crocuses sprouting in Toronto are eliciting strong feelings that bounce from sheer joy to a heavy sense of relief. Although the decay and wreckage from a particularly harsh winter has scarred the landscape, we’re dreaming of backyard brunches, late night laughter under a starry sky and lazy afternoons where we stretch out, sip lemonade and drift off peacefully in the comfort of our backyard. But first, we need a serious garden makeover!

Cue the cymbals! Blow the trumpet! Miracle-Gro sent us their flower magic (Oooohhh! We like M-A-G-I-C!) and by god, we’re ready for a transformation that will turn our yard from mess to magnificent. By adding Miracle Gro magic flowers to our gardening regime, we’re hoping to see some colourful and fun changes in the yard this year.

What is Miracle-Gro flower magic?
– A multicolour mix of up to 29 flower seed varieties
– Miracle-Gro season long plant food
– Coir super absorbant growing material
How does it work?
– Shake, water and watch ’em grow! It promises beautiful flowers for months. Exciting! 

Last week, we dusted the north side of our garden with Miracle Gro flower magic, and as we begin to work on our bed of herbs and veggies, we’re keeping a watchful and curious eye on the magic area.

At last, we’re waking to the sounds of birds chirping (THEY MADE IT THROUGH THE POLAR VORTEX!) and that heavenly smell of outdoor BBQ is beginning to waft from neighbouring backyards. Ahhhhh, yes, it’s finally, FINALLY, spring; we can actually say it and believe it.

We’ll report back on our yard progress soon!

Are you using Miracle-Gro flower magic in your garden? We want to see! Share your pics with us using the #flowermagicCA hashtag!