30 Day Challenge-Part 5

Well, I did it: thirty days of Pilates and almost a month free of smoking. I hate to sound like my old cynical self, but as with most things in life, the completion of my challenge was quite anti-climactic. I had visions of coming down the stairs after my last class and walking into the… Read More »

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30 Day Challenge – Part 3

by Keri O’Meara In my last entry I described my bitchy mood, this week I was hoping to discuss my poop. Monica, the owner of CORE studio, told me I was likely to experience a mixed bag of emotions and so far, she has been right about that (unless I am just a crazy bitch).… Read More »

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30 Day Challenge – Part 2

by Keri O’Meara I learned two things today and it’s not even noon.  First, I am a rib popper. Second, waking up at seven in the morning is not that hard. I did something wild and crazy ce matin: I went to an eight am Pilates class.  For most of you this may not seem… Read More »

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30 Day Challenge

by Keri O’Meara Lately I have been feeling sluggish, unfocused, aimless and unhealthy.  I have been eating really badly, smoking a lot, partaking in a cocktail (or five) almost every night and I have been having a lot of anxiety ridden nightmares.   So when the sunny Queen West Pilates studio I go to, CORE, recently… Read More »

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