10 easy ways to greenify your life in 2011!

1. Make the switch to eco cleaning products. Not only are they super easy to find around the city, but they are often way cheaper and more efficient. You’ll also save your skin from gnarly rashes. Nature clean is a Toronto based brand of non toxic, hypoallergenic, products, and they have a killer all purpose cleaner… Read More »

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"And the Oscar doesn't go to" ??

Ever uttered the phrase “Ohmigod, you’ve never seen Labyrinth” (or Empire Records, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and immediately whipped out the VHS? You know the drill: you’re going on and on about how awesome puppets are, then it seems a wicked idea to insist everyone drop everything cause (trust me, guys) you’ll all effing… Read More »

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