Best of Montreal: Cafés

Montreal has seen a big rise in independent cafés, particularly within the past year. It’s so much easier to bypass the bigger chains and get a solid cup of coffee at a place where the beans weren’t ground months before and the coffee isn’t weak, bitter and over-extracted. Or, in words that I understand, you can have… Read More »

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Liquid Chocolate and other legitimate food groups: A Comprehensive Report by SDTC Montreal

End-of-year stress levels are rising and the only solution we can come up with is chocolate: hot or cold, white or dark, straight or spiked. Medically, we’re pretty sure chocolate offsets all sorts of serious ailments, including holiday mall-shopping claustrophobia, end-of-semester anxiety, hangovers (why not?) and holiday-induced mood-swings. Of course, sharing chocolate with good friends… Read More »

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