Bixi’s Back and Heading West

For the last two years, Montrealers living west of Atwater were forced to lumber around on two legs, feeling like chumps while their freewheeling downtown counterparts whizzed around on Bixis, their hearts filled with glee. With the third season of Bixi set to begin on April 15, residents of western Montreal will finally be a… Read More »

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Ode to Bixi

While the rest of Canada worries about taxes and smog, Montreal is busy living life to the fullest: bagel eatin’, grant-funded guitar strummin’ and, most recently, freewheelin’ on Bixis, the bicycle rental service that’s our greatest export since poutine. Now, our love for Bixis has been immortalized in song: check out the Bixi Anthem by… Read More »

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