Five Fast and Healthy Dinners

The number one thing I hear from my clients is that they’re BUSY! I get it, ’cause I am too! That’s why I meal plan almost every single week. Focus on simple, hassle-free recipes to keep you healthy through the week. Here’s a recipe round-up of five super healthy, quick dinners for you to make! 1)… Read More »

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Three Dairy-Free Sources of Calcium

Growing up, we were all taught that dairy should be one of the main sources of calcium in our diet; however, I want to enlighten you that there are MANY dairy-free sources of calcium that are actually much easier on the digestive system. Interestingly, the majority of us don’t actually properly digest lactose, one of… Read More »

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Breakfast on the Go Recipe

I was asked by a reader for FAST and HEALTHY breakfast ideas that could potentially be made in advance. This recipe is actually an adaptation of a vegetable side dish that my Mom makes for Thanksgiving and Christmas, turned into a healthy breakfast idea. The recipe is: High protein (important for breakfast) Gluten free Dairy… Read More »

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