Diepo is having a Holiday Trunk Sale at Robber this weekend! Stave off those winter blues by shoppin', eatin' sweet treats and gettin' all kinds of merry

Have you been looking for something to distract you from the fact that it’s almost December? We sure have and we’ve just found the perfect thing! This weekend, our fave Queen West store Robber is hosting a Holiday Trunk Sale for luxurious, sensual daywear line, Diepo. This Thursday, December 1st (sob) is the opening night party, so drop by… Read More »

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Justine Diener of Diepo

The collaborative line Diepo, powered by Justine Diener and Kristin Poon will be presented on day 2. This is their third time participating at [FAT] Where is home? Toronto So you guys are scheduled to show off your work on day 2, which is LUST. How do your designs fit in with these themes? I… Read More »

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