Entrepreneurial Moms: Robyn Colangelo Sprott, Founder of Broken Fence Communications and LootPress

Robyn Colangelo Sprott is the Founder and Principal Designer at Broken Fence Communications, where she puts her training as a graphic designer and art director to work creating corporate design for print and web. She also recently launched LootPress, which delivers personalized, eco-friendly paper party stuff to your door! Kids birthday parties have never looked… Read More »

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Entrepreneurial Moms: Carolyn Sinclair, Co-Founder of Fifty-Seven Family Learning and Wellness Centre

Carolyn Sinclair is the co-founder of Fifty-Seven Family Learning & Wellness Centre, offering family-centered education and support from pregnancy to preschool. (Where I took my awesome prenatal parenting class!) She’s mom to two-and-a-half-year-old Benny and six-month-old Lucy. Carolyn’s tips for new moms: 1. Slow down and embrace baby’s schedule As a mother of two little ones I… Read More »

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The Pregnancy Files: Words of Wisdom from Wise Mamas

“How will you manage your business AND a baby?!” “What’s going to happen to Shedoesthecity?” “Do you think you’ll be able to do it all?” These are questions I’ve been asked countless times since I first shared the news of my pregnancy with family, friends and colleagues. Here’s my short answer: I don’t know. Do I… Read More »

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