Well, That Was F%!#ed – Reactions to the G20

By Becca Lemire Photo By Alex Heath I’m no political analyst, politician or protestor. But I’m a citizen of Toronto and I’ve been glued to my TV and computer since Friday, unable to turn away and hearing several eyewitness accounts from friends at the front lines, including one who was arrested and spent 18 hours… Read More »

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LCBOs Closing During The G20

If any of these LCBO locations are your local booze emporiums, stock up now, because they’re closing their doors for the G20. Great. Queens Quay, 2 Cooper Street First Canadian Place Union Station St. Lawrence Market, 87 Front Street West Loblaws Plaza, 10 Lower Jarvis Street at Queens Quay 415 King Street West at Spadina… Read More »

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