Gladstone Flea Vendor Spotlight: WORN Fashion Journal

Leading up to the next edition of the Gladstone Flea on August 3rd, we’ll be profiling some of the local vendors whose work will be featured at the market! WORN Fashion Journal is an independent alternative fashion magazine based in Toronto that includes Tavi Gevinson among its legion of well-earned fans. We spoke with publisher Haley Mlotek about… Read More »

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Amy Verner, Writer, Globe and Mail

In past years, while on the warpath to cover (create?) the juiciest of TIFF stories, we often crossed paths with Amy. Truth be told, while she was diligently filing stories from her Blackberry we were often elbowing our way past Harvey Weinstein for another vodka&soda. Is this what separates the bloggers from the major daily… Read More »

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