Guys Talk: The Butthole Edition

THE QUESTION: My boyfriend watches a lot of porn, and mentioned to me in passing that bleached anuses look a lot better on girls than au naturel. Is anal bleaching regular practice in your experience? Does it make a big difference? Do you think it makes girls look better, or too much like a porn… Read More »

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THE QUESTION: Guys, what’s the sexiest way a girl has ever made the first move with you? THE FORUM: Al Batrosse: Sometimes you get asked something so honest and smart on a date that it cuts through all the blather. The sexiest move? I start to say goodnight under a streetlamp and quiet first date… Read More »

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The Toy Edition

THE QUESTION: When it comes to sex toys, are guys threatened or turned on? What’s the best way to introduce objects into play? And, is there a a toy or prop you’d be most receptive to, or even excited about? THE FORUM: Valmont: I personally don’t think it’s fair that a woman can get a… Read More »

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Guys Talk Toothbrushes

THE QUESTION: “So I’m sleeping with this guy on the regular and have been doing so for a few months. We’re not really ‘dating’ per se, though that’s what I tell my mother. We’re mostly just hooking up. He stays over a few nights a week and I’m getting seriously sick of his stale beer… Read More »

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The Hair, Down There

THE QUESTION: “So just coming home from my monthly Brazilian wax appointment, I figured I’d shoot you a question for the guys: Body hair? Do you rather the completely bare look or the 70’s Playboy bush? Or do you even really care? And finally, is having hair down there just simply a deal breaker on… Read More »

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QUESTION: “When is it okay for a lady to go for the proverbial gold and try to pleasure your prostate?  Should we talk about it first or just do it in the heat of the moment?”  ANSWERS FROM THE FORUM: Frank LeBaron: There are two answers to this question, one if you are a man’s… Read More »

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