5 Reasons Fall Fashion Is The Best Fashion

We waited 84 years, but it finally came: the chilly temperatures, the lack of humidity, the fleeting fireplace smell that makes you stop in the middle of a busy sidewalk and say to whoever you’re with, “Do you smell that? That fall smell! FALL!” (Thus effectively ensuring you will never, ever see that person again.)… Read More »

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It's fall, get cozy! Montreal's Simons.ca has amazing women's clothing including warm sweaters and winter coats we love.

It’s Quebec; they know and understand cold. Even though some of these photos show cute cardigans paired with shorts we all know that pretty soon the leaves will fall and we’ll need to layer up. If you scroll to the women’s clothing section on www.simons.ca you’ll find – like we did – lots of sweaters,… Read More »

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