Book Clubs Are The Best. Here’s How To Find One, or Start Your Own

Happy Freedom to Read Week dudes! Who knew? Not me! I was just going to write a piece about book clubs, and then I stumbled up their website. Fortitous! There are various events going on this week to celebrate freedom of expression and raise awareness about issues of censorship in Canada. Find an event in your city and appreciate your freedom to read! SPEAKING OF FREEDOM TO READ (great segue)… Read More »

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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

by Heather Christie  My vicious fantasies of Mr. Darcy—and, I would imagine, those of thousands of other like-minded, libidinous, and literary females—never include fighting off a horde of oozing zombies. And is it any wonder? Did you ever wonder how, say, Great Expectations would have fared with the addition of a vampiric epidemic tainting Pip’s… Read More »

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