Joanna Track, founder and CEO of eLUXE

Joanna Track, founder and CEO of eLUXE, is an entrepreneur, visionary and successful business woman with a great sense of style to boot. She seems to have an intuitive knack for delivering Canadian women what they want at exactly the right time. At the very moment when we all started bitching about shipping fees and return… Read More »

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Joanna Track, founder of, shares with us why online gifting is the way to go and how the Amex Hot 100 Wishlist can help!

 “One in five Canadians claim they’d rather clean the house than visit a mall the week before Christmas.” Says a recent survey conducted by American Express Canada. (We’d rather step on a thumbtack!) But it’s not just the hectic crowds that are changing consumer patterns. Wanting to really understand current spending habits in the online world, we… Read More »

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