Nava Waxman: PERSONIFICATIONS explores existence and female identity through sculpture, painting, calligraphy, collage, and more

“You can’t change your fingerprint but you can change the way you think.” The words are written in calligraphic Hebrew on an egg-shaped sculpture, portraying one of Israeli artist Nava Waxman’s mottos. The piece is just a small sample of the work displayed in her new Toronto solo show, PERSONIFICATIONS, opening this Thursday, July 25.  Combining sculpture,… Read More »

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CUSO-VSO hosts a photography exhibit in the Distillery District to celebrate International Women's Day

International volunteer organization CUSO is hosting a photography exhibit to celebrate International Women’s Day. Three volunteers, photographer Miguel Hortiguela and journalists Maureen Littlejohn and Giselle Portenier, recently visited volunteer programs in Bolivia, Ethiopia and Honduras. They returned with images and stories capturing the trials faced by women in these countries, and the strength they embody… Read More »

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