Party at DX Intersection and get lost in an unexpected world of design honouring Douglas Coupland

Luminescent story telling devices, mystery dinners in a moonshine distillery, 20 artist takes on classic Ikea furniture, and more: You don’t want to miss DX Intersection. DX Intersection is the Design Exchange’s annual fundraiser, and trust us when we say they know how to throw a party. Canadian artists, chefs, filmmakers, and designers will come… Read More »

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Canadian Music Week Cheat Sheet

YOU THERE! Pay attention! We realize the promise of 4 am last call has your eyes wandering past your computer screen in a debaucherous daze, but there are more (okay, equally) important things at hand this weekend, AKA Canadian Music Week, AKA North by Northeast during jacket weather. THE BANDS! An onslaught of pure, unadulterated… Read More »

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