Crowd Review: Kimchi & Banchan Making Workshop at The Depanneur

When I sat down at the communal table at The Depanneur on Tuesday I was greeted by nine shy faces who slowly introduced themselves. Most of the students came as individuals and seemed to be regulars at The Dep. Soon Jonna, the chef, introduced herself and the workshop’s schedule. “Now,” she said “Before I get all ‘Miss Frizzle’ on you—‘Take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy’—let’s go… Read More »

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NXNE Fashion

650 bands, 50 venues, 4 am last call…NXNE is near and it’s bound to get messy. Whether you’re holding your spot centre stage or gallivanting from venue to venue, preparation is key. Simple with just enough rocker chic – this look bodes well for debaucherous early morning benders. 1. Levi’s 501 Vintage Denim Shorts 2.… Read More »

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