How many people have you slept with?

Dear Xtina,  My boyfriend has asked me several times how many guys I’ve had sex with, and I always try to get out of telling him.  I’ve slept with a lot more people than him and I know he wouldn’t like knowing.  When I tell him it’s personal and he doesn’t need to know, he… Read More »

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Lolita’s Lust

Dear Xtina, Why when I masturbate do I always get stuck on the same demented…and I think unhealthy….fantasy? It’s always me as a teenager with some dirty old neighbour telling me I’m a slut. Either this or me sucking off my math teacher or ski instructor. Is there something wrong with me that I’m so… Read More »

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Boyfriends Facebook Account

Dear Xtina, The other day I went to facebook to check my inbox and realized that I was logged into my boyfriends account, as he had been on the computer earlier. I know I shouldn’t be sneaking around his inbox but I saw three notes from this chick Emily who he works with, and since… Read More »

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Heart Burned by Cupid

Dear MJ, I’ve been seeing a guy for just over 3 months. We have major chemistry and I could totally see myself with him long term. (not that we discuss that stuff or anything) I haven’t said it to him but I’m upset that he didn’t do anything for me on Valentine’s Day. In fact,… Read More »

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Horny & Distressed

Dear MJ, My boyfriend and I have been going out for three years, and I’m finding that the sparks just aren’t there anymore. It actually feels like we have to build sex into our routine, otherwise it just doesn’t happen – and it NEVER happens without some wine. Anyway it’s depressing me, as I used… Read More »

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Broken Hearted Now Single Mom

Dear MJ, My boyfriend, J, and I have been together off and on since June 2007. We broke up in the middle of August 2007. Our last night together, we were not responsible at all. I was really hurt and torn up. It was a month later and I had a one night stand with… Read More »

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